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Westwood College Transcripts

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Westwood College transcripts are official documents that reflect a student's coursework, grades, and degree information. They are important documents in the application process for scholarships, employment opportunities, and other educational pathways. Employers, schools and scholarship boards will use this document to verify a student's academic credentials.

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1. Westwood College - Transcripts Transcript Request | Parchment
Westwood College has ceased operations and has appointed Parchment as the official custodian of student records. Students at all Westwood College locations ...

2. Westwood College
Westwood College. Westwood College officially closed on March 8, 2016. Transcripts: To request a transcript, Westwood students can email ...

3. Westwood College - Diplomas and Verifications Transcript Request ...
Westwood College has ceased operations and has appointed Parchment as the official custodian of student records. Westwood College students can order their ...

How can I get my Westwood College transcript?

To receive your Westwood College transcript, you must contact Parchment at There may be fees associated with obtaining a transcript depending on the delivery method chosen.

What information is included on a Westwood College transcript?

A Westwood College transcript typically contains basic biographical information such as student name, date of birth, address, phone number and email address; as well as details about courses taken, grades or marks earned in each course taken, term dates for all semesters attended; major(s) declared; any degrees or certificates earned from the college; and cumulative GPA (grade point average).

Who has access to my Westwood College transcript?

Only authorized personnel from outside entities have access to students' transcripts. The privacy and security of all students' academic records is maintained by Westwood College throughout the request process.

How long does it take to receive my Westwood College transcript?

The processing time for obtaining a Westwood College transcripts varies depending on the delivery method selected by the student making the request. Typically electronic delivery requests are processed within 24 hours while paper copies can take up to several weeks.

Are there any fees associated with obtaining a Westwood College transcript?

There may be potential fees associated with obtaining a copy of your official transcript depending on the method of delivery requested by the student (electronic or paper). All fee schedules are available at

Obtaining an official copy of your Westwood College Transcript is an important step in verifying educational credentials required by employers, scholarship boards, and other educational institutions you may apply to in future endeavors. With various methods available for receiving your records securely and conveniently via electronic means (e-transcripts) or physical means (paper transcripts), it is now possible to obtain these critical documents swiftly so you can focus on what matters most - advancing your career!


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