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Lufthansa Business Class 747 8

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Lufthansa is a world-leading airline and its business class on the 747 8 offers unparalleled comfort, convenience and luxury. From the spacious seats to the top-notch service, the Lufthansa Business Class experience provides an enjoyable flight for even the most discerning travelers.

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8. Boeing 747-8 | Lufthansa
Seat maps Boeing B747-8 · Sample illustration B747-8i (8 First/ 80 Business / 32 Premium Economy / 244 Economy) · Main deck · Upper deck ...

What amenities are available in Lufthansa's Business Class?

Passengers in Lufthansa's Business Class can enjoy enhanced services such as priority boarding, a complimentary meal, snacks and drinks throughout the flight, access to onboard entertainment systems, Wi-Fi internet access and more.

Are there any special benefits for traveling in Lufthansa's Business Class?

Yes. Flying with Lufthansa’s Business Class comes with special benefits such as complimentary baggage allowance, priority check-in at select airports, access to priority security lanes, free lounge access and more.

Can I customize my seating options?

Yes. Passengers can select their seat preferences when booking a ticket or through Manage Booking once they have booked their tickets. Furthermore they can also get their preferred seat by calling their nearest reservations center or contacting their travel agency.

With generous benefits and plenty of amenities on offer, it is no wonder that so many travelers choose to upgrade to Lufthansa's Business Class on the 747 8 plane. Whether you are taking a short weekend getaway or an extended business trip across Europe, you will be sure to enjoy your journey when you fly with Lufthansa!


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