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Louisiana Teacher Retirement

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The Louisiana Teacher Retirement System (LTRS) is the main retirement plan for teachers in the state of Louisiana. It is a defined benefit pension plan that provides eligible participants with a long-term, stable source of income upon retirement. This system provides important benefits to teachers and other school personnel, such as education and health insurance, disability coverage, and death benefits.

Table Of Content:

1. Teachers' Retirement System of Louisiana: TRSL
Founded in 1936. TRSL provides exceptional member services to all Louisiana teachers, retirees and employers.

3. My TRSL - TRSL - Teachers' Retirement System of Louisiana
Active members can check their service credit and contributions, view their beneficiaries, get a benefit estimate, and apply for retirement. Retirees can view ...

6. Louisiana Retired Teachers Association
The Louisiana Retired Teachers Association is the voice of the retired education community, representing its interests by monitoring, protecting and ...

7. LASERS – LASERS Benefits Louisiana
In this issue: Tracking retirement bills in the 2022 Session, one-time supplemental payment details, LASERS-specific New Retirement Plan details, PREP seminars ...

9. Teachers Retirement System of Louisiana | ULM University of ...
Retirement Eligibility: · Age 60 with 5 years of service credit. · Age 65 with 20 years of service credit. · Age 55 with 25 of service credit. · Any age with 20 ...

Who is eligible for LTRS?

To be eligible for LTRS, you must be an employee or retiree of an eligible employer participating in the LTRS program. Eligible employers include public schools, educational foundations, early childhood centers and some other educational facilities.

What type of income can I receive after retiring?

Upon retirement, members of the LTRS may be entitled to receive a defined monthly benefit which is calculated using their years of service credit and average salary during the three highest earning years. Benefit payments are adjusted according to cost-of-living indices so that they keep pace with the rate of inflation over time.

Are there any additional benefits?

In addition to monthly benefits, members of the LTRS are also entitled to death and disability benefits as well as insurance coverage through group policies offered by your employer if you qualify. You may also be able to access free financial planning services or discounted legal assistance from certain providers through your employer network.

The Louisiana Teacher Retirement System is designed to provide teachers with a secure source of income during their retirement years. It offers a wide range of benefits including death, disability insurance coverage and financial planning services for those who are eligible for this program. By taking advantage of these benefits now you can help ensure a safe future for yourself later on down the road.


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