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Long Island Barber Institute

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The Long Island Barber Institute was established to offer accredited barber training and certification for aspiring barbers. They have a team of experienced instructors and provide hands-on training to ensure that each student develops the necessary skills to become successful in the field. With job placement assistance available, students are able to start their career with confidence once they complete their required coursework.

Table Of Content:

1. Barber & Beauty Institute of New York
Jan 21, 2022 ... We are a full-service, vocational training facility, with a barber shop open to the public with supervised by NYS licensed barber instructors.

4. American Barber Institute | NY School of Barbering
Abi is an excellent place to get your training, at ABI we make sure that each of our students gets top-notch instruction. 500 Hours Master Barber Program.

What kind of accreditation does the Long Island Barber Institute have?

The Long Island Barber Institute is fully accredited by the New York Division of Education which makes it a great choice for those looking for quality education in this field.

What type of courses do they offer?

Their courses cover topics such as hygiene, sanitation, safety procedures, haircutting, styling and shaving techniques. They also provide students with an introduction to business and marketing concepts so that they can be successful entrepreneurs in the future.

How long will it take me to get my license after completing the program?

After completing the required courses and passing exams, you should expect your application for a barber license to be approved within two weeks.

Does the institute provide job placement assistance?

Yes, upon completion of all course requirements and exams, students are eligible for job placement assistance from the institute which includes interviewing tips as well as information on current openings in the area.

The Long Island Barber Institute provides an excellent opportunity for aspiring barbers who want to gain quality knowledge and training in order to pursue a rewarding career in this field. With experienced instructors, comprehensive coursework and job placement assistance available, this is a great option for those looking to start their career as a licensed barber.


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