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Lifetime Gym Schedule

By Coursef Team

Lifetime Fitness offers a variety of gym class schedules each day. These classes provide members with both exercise and relaxation options to fit their fitness needs and preferences. From yoga classes to strength training, there is something for everyone at Lifetime Fitness.

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1. Fitness Classes at Life Time | Signature Classes, Expert Instructors ...
Life Time's variety of classes fit your life and goals. ... Group of women holding yoga poses on mats in a yoga class at Life Time ... Schedule a Tour.

5. Class Schedules — LIFETIME HEALTH & FITNESS
Get your heart beating and sweat rolling to one of our Studio 1 classes. Lose weight and tone your body to great music and great time fun with friends.

What type of gym classes are available at Lifetime Fitness?

Lifetime Fitness offers a variety of classes including yoga, stretching, cardio, strength training, Pilates and HIIT workouts. There are also aquatics classes such as swimming lessons and water aerobics.

Does Lifetime Fitness have childcare services?

Yes, Lifetime Fitness provides childcare services for children ages 3-12 years old in two hour increments up to six hours per day so that members can enjoy their workout without worrying about their kids.

Is there a limit to the number of classes I can attend each week at Lifetime Fitness?

No, there is no limit to the number of classes you can attend each week since you are able to customize your own schedule based on your preferences and availability.

Are all classes offered at all locations?

Not all classes are available at all locations due to different club size and amenities so it is important to check with your local branch for details on which specific programs they offer.

With its range of fitness class offerings, Lifetime Fitness provides its members with the opportunity to get active in whatever way works best for them. Whether it is HIIT or Pilates or aquatic activities, there is something for everyone at Lifetime Fitness regardless of location or availability. So come join us today and find your perfect workout!


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