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Khan Academy Arcs And Chords Circle

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Khan Academy Arcs and Chords Circle is a simple yet effective tool created by the Khan Academy to help students understand the concepts of arcs and chords in circles. The Arcs and Chords Circle allows students to construct, measure, analyze, and compare various arcs, chords, sectors, angles, and polygons within the circle. With this tool, students can easily determine important relationships between these elements of a circle.

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What is Khan Academy Arcs and Chords Circle?

Khan Academy Arcs and Chords Circle is an interactive tool that helps students understand arc, chord, sector angle and polygon relationships within a circle.

How can I use it?

You can use the Arcs and Chords Circle to construct arcs, chords, sectors, angles, or polygons within the circle. Additionally you can measure the length of the elements that you have constructed as well as determine relationships between them.

Are there any tutorials on how to use this tool?

Yes! There are several detailed tutorials available on Khan Academy's website which explain how to use this tool effectively.

What is the difference between an arc and a chord?

A chord is a line segment with endpoints that lie on the circumference of a circle while an arc is a continuous portion of the circumference of a circle.

How can I compare different types of elements within the Arcs and Chords Circle?

The Arcs and Chords Circle has various tools for comparison like Angle Equivalence Tool which compares angles; Polygon Equivalence Tool which compares polygons; etc. These tools allow you to accurately compare various elements within your circle.

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