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Georgia Cyber Academy

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Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) is an online public charter school that provides students in grades K-12 with personalized and innovative learning experiences. GCA is dedicated to helping students reach their full potential by providing a high-quality, individually customized learning experience.

Table Of Content:

1. Georgia Cyber Academy | Online Charter School
Why GCA is the right choice ... Georgia Cyber Academy offers the benefits of a brick and mortar school...right for you right from home. Students access lessons ...

5. Enrollment | Georgia Cyber Academy
In our online environment, we partner parents and students with certified teachers to guide and track their progress and achievement through the curriculum.

What services does GCA provide?

GCA provides curriculum for K–12 students, certified teachers and instruction coaches, access to virtual field trips and guest speakers, clubs and activities, technology resources, and student support services such as mental health coaching and college planning.

Is there an application process for Georgia Cyber Academy?

Yes. Parents/guardians can apply for enrollment in the academy at any time throughout the year. Applications are accepted from all eligible Georgia residents who meet the requirements of enrollment.

How much does it cost to attend GCA?

GCA is a public school so there are no tuition or fees associated with attendance.

Georgia Cyber Academy is a great way to personalize your child's education while giving them access to quality resources and opportunities. With no tuition or fees associated with enrollment, GCA offers parents/guardians a unique education experience that empowers their students to reach their highest potential.


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