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Georgetown Mba Class Profile

By Coursef Team

The Georgetown University McDonough School of Business’s MBA Class Profile provides an overview of the student body that makes up each cohort. The profile includes important admissions statistics such as the average GMAT score, the number of applicants, and the acceptance rate. It also provides information about student diversity, work experience, and extra-curricular activities.

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What is the average experience level for students accepted into Georgetown’s MBA program?

According to the 2020 MBA class profile, students coming into the program have an average of 5 years’ work experience across a range of industries.

What percentage of acceptances are international students?

The 2020 MBA class profile shows that approximately 31% of students admitted were international students.

Does Georgetown offer scholarships to its MBA program?

Yes, Georgetown offers a variety of merit and need-based scholarship programs to enrolled students in its MBA program.

The McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University offers prospective applicants an inside look into the makeup of its incoming class through its MBA Class Profile. From admissions statistics to student backgrounds and scholarship availability, this valuable resource can provide aspiring MBA graduates with a glimpse into their future at Georgetown.


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