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Fortis Nursing Program Reviews

By Coursef Team

The Fortis Nursing Program is a highly respected, accredited program that prepares individuals for a nursing career. It provides education and skills that can be beneficial to nurses in any healthcare setting. The program offers courses and degrees which can lead to licensure in all 50 states, as well as specialized options for certain states and regions. This review will provide an overview of the Fortis Nursing Program, along with relevant FAQs.

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What types of nursing degrees are offered?

The Fortis Nursing Program offers Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) and Bachelor Degree in Nursing (BSN). Additionally, they offer diploma programs and accelerated learning options for those looking to complete their degree sooner.

What is the cost of the program?

Cost varies depending on length of time for completion and location. Generally, tuition ranges from $4,000 - $14,000. Other fees such as course materials may apply. Financial aid is available to help cover the cost of tuition if needed.

Is there support available throughout the program?

Yes! The Fortis Nursing Program offers an academic counseling team who are dedicated to helping students find success during their academic career. They provide guidance on curriculum selection, techniques for success in classrooms, study groups and more.

The Fortis Nursing Program has earned a high level of respect due to its quality offerings and commitment to providing students with the best educational experience possible. With choices ranging from associate’s degree programs up through master's programs, there is something for everyone here at Fortis! Whether you want a diploma or a degree in nursing – the Fortis Nursing Program can help you reach your professional goals!


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