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Fortis Nursing Program Cost

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The Fortis Nursing Program Cost covers the cost of tuition and other expenses associated with completing the nursing degree. This program costs a total of $42,133, with several financial options available to help students finance their education.

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3. Nursing School Programs | Fortis
FORTIS offers nursing school programs that prepare students to become an RN by earning an include associate degree in nursing (ADN), or to become an LPN by ...

What is included in the cost of the Fortis Nursing Program?

The cost of the Fortis Nursing Program includes tuition fees, books and supplies, administrative fees, lab fees, and clinical rotations.

How much does it cost to enroll in the Fortis Nursing Program?

The cost to enroll in the Fortis Nursing Program is $42,133.

Are there any additional fees I need to pay when enrolling in the program?

No additional fees are required when enrolling in this program.

Are there any financial aid options for those enrolled in the Fortis Nursing Program?

Yes! Students can apply for grants, scholarships or loans to help cover some or all of their tuition costs.

What is the timeframe for completing the program?

The duration of this program is 16 months (or four semesters).

The Fortis Nursing Program provides a comprehensive education at an affordable price. Financial aid options are available so that even those who may not have enough money can still pursue their dream of becoming a nurse. For more information on enrollment, please contact your local Fortis branch.


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