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Chamberlain College Of Nursing Fnp

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Chamberlain University's Family Nurse Practitioner program has been designed with the goal of developing advanced nursing practitioners who are capable of providing evidence-based, patient-focused care in a variety of healthcare settings. With an interprofessional, educational approach to teaching and learning, students in this program acquire the skills they need to address issues related to health promotion, diagnosis, and management across the lifespan.

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What type of degree can I earn through the Family Nurse Practitioner program?

Students in this program can earn either a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) or Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). Upon successful completion, graduates will be eligible to sit for national certification exams as family nurse practitioners.

What courses are included in the curriculum?

Courses include topics such as pharmacotherapeutics, pathophysiology, clinical prevention and population health management, advanced physical assessment, advanced health assessment and diagnostic reasoning, advanced role development for nurse practictioners and more.

What kind of clinical experiences are part of the program?

Clinical experiences occur throughout the program and focus on helping students gain experience working with patients from diverse backgrounds. Clinical placements may take place in acute care facilities, ambulatory care centers, schools or other suitable environments for practice.

Are there any scholarships available for Chamberlain’s Family Nurse Practitioner program?

There are some scholarship opportunities available for students enrolled in Chamberlain University's Family Nurse Practitioner Program. These scholarships provide financial assistance to those who demonstrate financial need, academic excellence or a commitment to service within their local community.

Chamberlain University's Family Nurse Practitioner Program provides students with an interprofessional education tailored specifically to prepare them as advanced practitioners who are capable of understanding complex healthcare systems while delivering competent care that is patient-centered and evidence-based. With its unique curriculum structure and robust clinical experiences available throughout the program, this is an excellent opportunity for any student looking to pursue a career as a family nurse practitioner.


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