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Cal State La Masters In Education

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The Master of Education program at Cal State LA provides students with the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, skills, and experience in teaching, learning, educational research and psychology. Through this program, students are prepared to become educators in a variety of settings from pre-K through postsecondary education. The program provides a rigorous education that is focused on real-world application.

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8. Master of Arts Degree in Educational Foundations | Cal State LA
Welcome to M.A. Degree in Educational Foundations ... Fall 2022 deadline for application is April 15, 2022. Only a Cal State Apply application is needed for this ...

What kinds of areas can I specialize in for my degree?

With the Master of Education program at Cal State LA, you have the flexibility to specialize in several different areas including special education, elementary and secondary education, multicultural education, educational leadership, higher education administration and student affairs.

What additional certifications will I receive?

Depending on the specialization you choose many students pursuing the Masters of Education degree at Cal State LA are eligible to receive additional certifications such as bilingual authorization or reading specialist credential.

Are there any online courses available?

Yes! The Masters of Education at Cal State LA offers several fully online options such as Educational Technology Leadership (EdLT) and Higher Education Student Affairs (HESA). These programs allow for maximum flexibility for students who need more than traditional classroom schedules.

Is financial aid available?

Financial aid is available through grants and loans for those who qualify. Additionally, scholarships may be available through various departments or organizations affiliated with Cal State LA. Students should contact their admissions counselor for more information about what kind of financial aid is available.

What types of jobs can I get with a Masters of Education from Cal State LA?

With a Master's Degree from Cal State LA you can find employment in many different fields related to teaching and learning including public schools and other K-12 environments; special education; counseling; universities; government agencies; corporate training centers; non-profit organizations; and private sector companies.

The Master’s Degree in Education from California State Los Angeles provides students with an excellent opportunity to obtain an advanced level degree in an area they are passionate about while gaining both practical knowledge and experience related to teaching and learning. With flexible delivery methods offered both on campus or online along with access to financial aid resources it’s no wonder why so many choose CSULA for their educational pursuits!


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