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Agricultural Economics Degree Online

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An Agricultural Economics degree online provides an exciting opportunity for those interested in a career in agricultural research and analysis. Agricultural Economics focuses on the economic principles and practices of global, national and local food, energy, and resource production. With this degree you can be prepared to fill roles that involve policymaking and decision-making in the field of agricultural economics.

Table Of Content:

2. Degrees
These online degrees focusing on food and agribusiness management are for driven ... both an MS in agricultural economics from Purdue University and an MBA ...

3. Agricultural Economics
Agricultural Economics College of Agriculture Purdue University. ... Purdue's Agricultural Economics Department covers a wide array of issues from ...

4. Department of Agricultural Economics: Home
7 degree programs. Our degree programs provide our students with a world-class education they can apply to careers in sales, agribusiness issues, public policy, ...

5. Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural Economics | Degrees & Programs ...
Dual bachelor degrees in agricultural science & economics. As a student in this dual degree program, you'll fully tap into the diversity and complexity of ...

9. Online Master of Ag and Applied Economics
Virginia Tech's Online Master of Ag and Applied Economics gives industry and government professionals all along the food and agriculture, resource, and energy ...

What skills will I develop with an online Agricultural Economics degree?

With an online Agricultural Economics degree program, you will learn quantitative methods of analysis and gain knowledge of economic theory as applied to agriculture. You will also be equipped with the business skills necessary to succeed in a variety of roles related to agriculture such as policy making or economic consulting.

What type of jobs are available with an Online Agriculture Degree?

Graduates with an Online Agriculture Degree can find successful careers in agricultural business, finance, supply chain management, marketing, research and development, regulatory agency positions or teaching. Depending on your level of experience, you may even qualify for managerial positions such as Agribusiness Manager or Farm Manager.

Is there any form of hands-on experience required with this degree?

While much of the curriculum is completed online, some schools offer internships or field experiences which allow students to earn credit hours while gaining practical experience in the field. These opportunities provide valuable contacts for job searching after graduation.

A degree in Agricultural Economics allows graduates to pursue careers involving policy making, economic analysis in agriculture and rural development. With this flexible online pathway you can receive support from industry experts throughout your studies while building a strong foundation for future career prospects within the agricultural industry at home and abroad.


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