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Acsm Insurance For Personal Trainers

By Coursef Team

ACSM insurance for personal trainers provides you with the needed protection and peace of mind for running a successful, secure business. Not only does it cover you if you are ever sued by a customer, but it also protects your business from all kinds of liability problems. This coverage can range from general and professional liability to workers’ compensation.

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2. ACSM Personal Trainer Insurance | Insure Fitness Group
ACSM Personal Trainer Insurance Program Highlights · Instant Coverage. · Immediate Certificate. · General & Professional Liability Coverage, Up to $1,000,000.

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Founded in 1994 by James C. Hays and five senior-level individuals from major insurance brokerage firms, our company is a privately held corporation with no ...

What factors should I consider when choosing an ACSM insurance policy?

When selecting an insurance policy through ACSM, you should consider the type of service you provide as well as your potential risks. Also important to take into consideration is the amount of coverage offered and the cost of the premiums. Additionally, it is imperative that your policy includes adequate coverage for any specific needs you may have in your business; such as performance bonds or errors & omissions coverage.

What kind of damages does ACSM insurance cover?

Depending on the type of policy selected, ACSM insurance may provide liability coverage for bodily injury, property damage or contractual liabilities. Furthermore, some policies offer protection against libel and slander lawsuits and even offer court costs reimbursement if found liable in a civil suit involving negligence or malpractice.

Is ACSM Insurance tailored to fit my particular needs?

Yes! At ACSM Insurance we take pride in providing personalized policies tailored to each individual’s needs based on their particular background and services they offer. We are committed to making sure every customer receives the best coverage at competitive rates possible no matter their situation.

ACSM Insurance is a great way for personal trainers to protect their business and customers from any potential legal issues which could arise due to negligence or malpractice. With customized and comprehensive coverage plans available at competitive rates, personal trainers can rest assured knowing their business is protected with reliable insurance from ACSM Insurance.


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